Welcome to Erika Tanos

Erika has been part of our network since 2014 and has followed our work on The Nordic Secret from the sidelines.

She will be helping us with communication, planning events and keeping you updated about The Nordic Secret via our newsletter; if you wish to contact us via info @ nordicsecret . org, she will be the first person to see your email, you may also write her directly at erika @ nordicsecret . org.

Erika is an independent researcher herself and does a number of very cool things:

As one of the first Innovation Anthropologists, Erika operates in the intersection of diverse fields from business, science to art. She founded the consultancy Curiosity Shop AB in 2011 to function as an interdisciplinary network for social innovation. Primarily a human insight specialist anchored in social sciences, her competency is to integrate a human-to-human centered approach and sociocultural understandings in complex challenges and to facilitate positive change.

Erika’s favorite hobby is photography and we are looking very much forward to having some of her pictures here on our site and hopefully some videos too.

Meeting with the graphic designer

I just came home from a great meeting with Ulla Holger, our graphic designer. She brought the first print of the layouted text and it is a beauty! I’m so happy!

Now I have 474 aesthetically awesome pages of proofreading ahead of me, and Ulla has a number of illustrations that need polishing.

The Nordic Secret on Danish NPR

This morning Lene was on Denmark’s Radio for the programme Hjernekassen (The Brain Box) hosted by Peter Lund Madsen “Mr Popular Science”. It typically covers topics such as the human brain and our understanding of life and the world. During the hour long broadcast she shared the captivating story of how Bildung and the distinct psychological stages of ego-development have been closely intertwined throughout history.

The program is in Danish and you can hear it here.