A scientific workshop on Bildung and ego-development

We want to connect with the best researchers in Bildung and ego-development – and we wish to connect them with each other. We also want to explore Bildung from several scientific angles.

So, we applied for a workshop about Bildung and ego-development at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, Netherlands. Our co-organizers are Jos van den Broek from Leiden University and Michiel Tolman from De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam.

In October 2015, I co-organized a workshop at the Lorentz Center about how new technologies are transforming our societies. The workshop was very much based on the BINC Manifesto, which I wrote together with professor Steen Rasmussen from University of Southern Denmark and which, based on our work in Leiden, was slightly modified.

We see Bildung and ego-development as some of the answers to the challenges imposed by the increased complexity of the new technologies, and our new workshop is thus a follow-up on the first workshop.

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