Book presentation in Copenhagen

Our launch party was quite the blast! Wonderful people participated, excellent food and drinks, and a really great location: the old COOP warehouse in Copenhagen. The event was kindly sponsored by COOP; thank you so much for making this launch extra special!

You can watch our presentation on Facebook: and soon we’ll have an edited version here on the site as well.

Lene and Tomas forgot to take pictures, and the guests just took pictures of them, not of each other, so we have no pictures of the people participating–shame on us! Many thanks to Jens Østergaard and Teddy Hebo Larsen for the photos on this page.


Flemming Jørgensen from COOP who sponsored the event–and Lene.

Lene and Tomas

Lene, Schiller, Frederik IV, a progressive duke and the king’s progressive sister.


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