Getting noticed across Europe

Various European organizations that work in adult learning and education are beginning to notice our work and the Nordic secret, which means that more Europeans will be exploring bildung rather than just upgrading their professional skills.

In December, Lene gave an online keynote presentation of the Danish background for the Nordic secret at the conference

Towards a holistic understanding of ALE (adult learning and education) in the 21st Century

more info here:

Illustration: Pixabay/Alexandra_Koch

Interview with Lene and Tomas

Watch Lene Rachel Andersen and Tomas Björkman talk about The Nordic Secret with their German publisher:

The Nordic Secret in London

The room was full and people were on a waiting list when Jonathan Rowson from Perspectiva interviewed Lene and Tomas about The Nordic Secret.

As the picture indicates, the first part of the evening was rather conventional.

But then the creative Perspectiva people, not least Pippa Evans, turned the event into a game of Simon Says. We all had to work ourselves through the phases of indigenous culture, pre-modern, modern, and post-modern culture in order to eventually land in metamodernity–when Simon said so.

We were all so occupied by this exercise touching our heads and standing on one foot that we forgot taking pictures. Sorry.


Book Presentation in London coming up

If you are in London on March 5th, please join us when we present The Nordic Secret:

7 pm to 9 pm at

42 ACRES Shoreditch

66 Leonard Street

London EC2A 4LW


You may buy your ticket here:



Jonathan Rowson from Perspectiva will be the moderator of the event.

- If you can't wait, you can watch Jonathan interview Jordan Peterson here: