The Nordic Secret in London

The room was full and people were on a waiting list when Jonathan Rowson from Perspectiva interviewed Lene and Tomas about The Nordic Secret.

As the picture indicates, the first part of the evening was rather conventional.

But then the creative Perspectiva people, not least Pippa Evans, turned the event into a game of Simon Says. We all had to work ourselves through the phases of indigenous culture, pre-modern, modern, and post-modern culture in order to eventually land in metamodernity–when Simon said so.

We were all so occupied by this exercise touching our heads and standing on one foot that we forgot taking pictures. Sorry.


Book Presentation in London coming up

If you are in London on March 5th, please join us when we present The Nordic Secret:

7 pm to 9 pm at

42 ACRES Shoreditch

66 Leonard Street

London EC2A 4LW


You may buy your ticket here:



Jonathan Rowson from Perspectiva will be the moderator of the event.

- If you can't wait, you can watch Jonathan interview Jordan Peterson here:

Book presentation in Copenhagen

Our launch party was quite the blast! Wonderful people participated, excellent food and drinks, and a really great location: the old COOP warehouse in Copenhagen. The event was kindly sponsored by COOP; thank you so much for making this launch extra special!

You can watch our presentation on Facebook: and soon we’ll have an edited version here on the site as well.

Lene and Tomas forgot to take pictures, and the guests just took pictures of them, not of each other, so we have no pictures of the people participating–shame on us! Many thanks to Jens Østergaard and Teddy Hebo Larsen for the photos on this page.


Flemming Jørgensen from COOP who sponsored the event–and Lene.

Lene and Tomas

Lene, Schiller, Frederik IV, a progressive duke and the king’s progressive sister.


Scientific Roundtable in Copenhagen

This is it: the book is officially available, and we opened the day with our sixth roundtable, this time in the heart of Copenhagen in Vartov:

The fellow kneeling in front is pastor Niels Frederik Severin Grundtvig, the father of folk-Bildung. The beautiful old building is today the cultural center promoting his legacy.

The Grundtvig research center and the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre are both under the Vartov roof.

11 people joined our roundtable.

Per Paludan (the Danish Adult Education Association), Nadja Pass (Samtidens Akademi), Bente Meinhardt (Clavis Danish for foreigners), Peter Bendix (Danish Free School Association) (hidden behind Nadja), Lisbeth Trinskjær (chairman of the Danish Folk High School Association), Joachim Juel Vædele (CEO Vartov), Jakob Kvist (philosopher), Dan Andersen (historian), Flemming Jørgensen (COOP and Samvirke), and Teddy Hebo Larsen (CEO, entrepreneur and author), Hans Grishauge (who is not in the picture at all), Lene and Tomas.

These are not the best pictures and we particularly ought to have had a better picture of Dan (fourth from the left): he did not buy the main points of The Nordic Secret and gave us the harshest criticism we have faced so far. We thus strongly urge Dan to share his view points and open the debate here on the website.