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Can the Nordics outperform the EU and the US?

The World Economic Forum measures competitiveness among countries, and though Switzerland was number 1 in 2014-15, the Nordic countries were close to the top as well: Finland 4, Sweden 10, Norway 11, Denmark 13, and Iceland 30. – You may read the full report here.

Given that market size plays a part in the overall ranking, these six small countries are doing pretty well!

Taken together, in 2011 the four largest Nordic economies, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland outperformed the EU average on all parameters, and on 8 out of 12 compared with the United States, according to the report The Nordic Way by The World Economic Forum and the Swedish think tank Global Challenge.

If you want to see how individual countries are holding up, The World Economic Forum has a really cool analytical tool here: http://reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-report-2015-2016/economies/

As we are going to explore in The Nordic Secret, the book as well as this website, we think that the secret behind our competitiveness is the same in Switzerland and the Nordics.

Nordic competitiveness


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