Fact 3 Modern Values

As one can tell from the World Value Survey 2015, the Nordic countries stand out.

Secular-rational values go hand in hand with education and science and allow for religious assumptions and traditional power structures and ways of thinking to be challenged. This challenging of old ideas allows for innovation, economic growth and harvesting the fruits of education and scientific progress.

Survival vs. self-expression values say something about how much each individual is free to pursue their dreams and how much one can stand out from the crowd. This again allows for innovation and new perspectives on things. But it requires not just a culture that is open to individuality and personal eccentricity, but also a society that is rather robust and feels safe and secure. When there is a collective sense of the group being threatened, be it by austerity or outer enemies, most humans feel safer if the group is not also challenged from within by too much diversity and people who want to do things differently.

Sweden, in the far, top right corner, is the country with the highest score on self-expression values and on secular-rational values is only outranked, but Japan scores considerably lower on self-expression. Norway and Denmark are the countries closest to Sweden when the two scales are combined and, still combining secular-rational and self-expression values, next in line are Finland, Netherlands and Iceland.



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