Fact 6 super duper meta ranking

In 2010, Bo Ekman and James Wine of The Tällberg Foundation in Sweden combined 16 different international rankings in order to find out which countries are truly the top tiers. They added each country’s ranking in all 16 surveys and then found the average. This is the top 6:

  1. Sweden 4,44
  2. Norway 6,44
  3. Denmark 7,44
  4. Finland 10,56
  5. Iceland 10,56
  6. Switzerland 13,50:


Other results were:

Germany 14,81
Great Britain 18,56
USA 25,06
South Africa 62,87
Russia 72,13
China 81,33
India 88,93

The results were published in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and seem not to have drawn much attention outside of Sweden.


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