Application of the analyses – Quotes & Sources

Trump must understand the logical relation between cause and effect, but how many steps away from the initial event can he mentally construct possible chains of events? How well does he understand the effects of his tweets? His early decrees, especially the travel ban, showed no understanding of complex chains of causes and effects; it is as if the world is a jumble of unconnected dots that can be negotiated as deals independently of one another.

When Bannon says he wants to destroy the state, he means it.

Before 9/11, he was rather liberal and his knowledge and intellectual capabilities must allow him highly complex, coherent thinking; he ought to be self-authoring (stage 4) embracing modernity and not define his culture as Judeo-Christian but enlightened, secular and scientific.

[Betsy DeVos] presents herself as a devout Christian and, according to the Washington Post: “once said she believed her education-reform efforts could “advance God’s Kingdom” and lead to “greater Kingdom gain in the long run.””

Comey handled the investigation of Clinton’s emails differently than the investigation of Trump’s connections to Russia: the first was exposed 11 days before the election, the second remained secret.

Gorsuch appreciates diversity, Mattis has a deep and broad cultural understanding, Tillerson was a boy scout and was the leader of Boy Scouts of America who transformed the organization to accept gay members.

Hillary Clinton has been self-authoring since her college years, or at least since she spoke out on her graduation day at Wellesley College and became a national voice of social activism.

Obama grew up as black and white in America and from when he was 6 to 10 in Indonesia. His family background is multi-ethnic and he was brought up more or less as an atheist but became a Christian by choice.

Obama increased the military use of drones considerably, and while this was done to minimize casualties and thus may have been a good thing, it means that the US may have fueled more anger toward the West and that he has set a new standard for remote controlled drone warfare.

Only few Republicans show an actual interest in protecting the environment, the climate or future generations, the majority seem to be in science denial and almost hating nature. Or at least loving oil, energy and property rights more than clean water and fresh air. The majority of Republicans are pro-life and anti-abortion, which leads to the conclusion that they insist children be born into a world where they cannot be guaranteed clean water, air etc.

The only explanation offered by their Christian epistemology would be the Devil or, as 40% of Trump voters stated in a PEW survey, that Clinton is an actual demon (19% were not sure).

When millions of Americans who in no objective terms suffered under Obama actually felt that they suffered during his presidency, it is most likely the anxiety of moral aloneness they suffered.


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