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Phase-transition 1

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Frisch, Hartvig: Europas kulturhistorie (Politikens Forlag, 1962) (History of European culture - in Danish)

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Phase-transition 2

This development led to a number of new epistemologies: Rousseau and the Revolutions sparked Romanticism among German thinkers, and the Napoleonic wars sparked nationalism. Together, these developments sparked Romantic Nationalism across Europe in the first half of the 19th century, not least inspired by Johann Gottlieb Fichte’s Reden an die deutsche Nation / Addresses to the German Nation (1807).

Phase-transition 3

Television technology was developed in the US and UK in the 1920s and 1930s, the earliest major television broadcasts were the Olympics in Berlin 1936, the coronation of King George VI 1937 and New York’s World Fair 1939.

Not until the Weimar Republic was German adult education based on democratic values, and that effort was short-lived.



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