What can we do long-term? – Quotes & Sources

Whether it is teenage girls cutting themselves, teenage boys joining gangs, or teenagers of both sexes joining extremist political movements or finding Daesh more meaningful than becoming an adult in the West, we have failed our young people miserably.

Some of that news was produced by high-school students with no other agenda than gaining clicks and thus earning money from website commercials.

Targeted voter manipulation was a part of the election; it was a part of the Trump campaign called Project Alamo, which was designed to keep certain Clinton voters at home instead of voting. The technicalities are complicated but the short version is that big data from millions of voters’ behavior on the internet was analyzed and people were then mapped according to psychological profile and based on this, search engines and ads on Facebook were able to influence voting.

The actual mapping and manipulation was done by a company, but according to an article in The Guardian February 26, 2017: “Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media; With links to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage, the rightwing US computer scientist is at the heart of a multimillion-dollar propaganda network.”

An increasing number of 20-somethings are still living with their parents – or have moved back in after graduating from college. Around 20 % of college graduates age 18-34 in the US belong to this precariat; they have completed the education that schools and parents told them to, they did everything right, and yet they are in this precarious situation of being economically useless.

Contrary to real life, computer games have very clear reward structures.

Several places online would meet the needs of such disillusioned young men and provide a refuge where there is a sense of brotherhood, male dominance and strength through their computer skills.

The concept is a monthly salary for everybody without doing any work in return and the basic income will not be influenced if people do find work; Switzerland held a referendum on the issue in 2016 where the idea was rejected; Finland is currently testing basic income for 2,000 people.

We cannot afford for our democracies to be hijacked by authoritarian agendas and men who cannot handle the current level of complexity, and changing the economy will not happen overnight.




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