Why there is hope – Quotes & Sources

 At the very end of The Great Dictator, there is a speech where Chaplin more or less calls for the creation of the United Nations.

Before fake news was an issue, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart cried out against fake debates as early as 2004, telling Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala on CNN’s Crossfire to stop hurting America with staged performances rather than journalism and real debates.

In March 2016, during the American primaries, i.e. when there were still five Republican candidates, pure metamodernism appeared on Jan Böhmermann’s German late-night show Neo Magazin Royale; the music video “Deutsch – Achtung, Germans on the risetook satire to a new level of complexity.

Böhmermann’s satire team also produced the German Trump video “Make Germany Second.” 

In 1909, Dewey wrote in How We Think, about four kinds of thinking:

Not a lot of people know Highlander Folk School but it played a crucial part in the Civil Rights Movement.


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