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Title: The Nordic Secret – A European story of beauty and freedom
Authors: Lene Rachel Andersen & Tomas Björkman
ISBN: 978-91-87935-96-1
512 pages, hardcover
Publication date: November 16, 2017
Publisher: Fri Tanke Förlag, Stockholm, Sweden

Danish ISBN: 978-87-92240-74-3
Danish publisher: Det Andersenske Forlag

Point of contact: Erika Tanos at erika(at)

If you wish to contact us

People from around the globe are contacting us to learn more about the Nordic secret and because they want to create folk-Bildung in their own country. We are, of course, very happy about this and are currently trying to figure out the best way to accomodate everybody. We offer two options:

If you are in Europe, please go to and check out the network that Lene is setting up together with the think tank Nordic Bildung and their German colleagues.

If you are from anywhere outside Europe, please send an email to Erika Tanos at erika(at)

Kind regards,

Lene and Tomas


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Lene Rachel Andersen & Tomas Björkman

Lene Rachel Andersen

Lene Rachel Andersen (b. 1968) is Danish; she has a BA in business economy and studied theology 1993-97. From 1993 to 2001, she wrote comedy and entertainment for Danish media, since 2005, she has worked as an independent futurist, author, philosopher, and publisher. In 2010, she launched the online Democracy Handbook. 2018, Andersen co-founded the Copenhagen based think tank Nordic Bildung, and in 2019 she became member of the Club of Rome.

For her books, she has received the Ebbe Kløvedal-Reich Democracy Baton (2007) and the Danish librarians’ Døssing Prize (2012).

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Tomas Björkman

Tomas Björkman (b. 1958) is Swedish; he has a master’s degree in physics and studied macroeconomics on the side. He has made a career as an entrepreneur in a variety of businesses within financial services, media, property development, and banking and has worked all over Europe. Today, he works as a social entrepreneur through his Ekskäret Foundation.

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