Scientific roundtable in Leiden

Our network of Bildung people is constantly expanding, and this time we met 16 people in Leiden, the Netherlands – and we were so busy we forgot to get a good picture of everybody.

Participating were: Professor of science communication Jos van den Broek, Professor of philosophy  Paul Cobben, Ph.D. of philosophy Arthur Kok, Dr. didactics and the arts Jeroen Lutters, Professor of sociology Jo Moran-Ellis, Lecturer adult education Ginie Servant, Ph.D. philosophy Ad Verbrugge, and Merel van Geel, Kyra Mensink, Marijn Moerman, Eugene Sutorius, Michiel Tolman, and Koen Wessels, all from De Bildung Academie.

Three major themes were discussed:

  • De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam; six participants were from the Bildung Academy, and we learned a lot about
    • why and how they started,
    • how it works together with the established university system,
    • what the purpose is,
    • how they plan to spread their concept to other universities
  • Can we move on with Bildung in academic circles?
    • We need more multidisciplinary research about “what is Bildung?”
    • We also need more Bildung for the students in the academic system – which is why De Bildung Academy is such an interesting initiative
  • Can we make a Bildung movement?
    • De Bildung Academy is already a movement and they want to spread their concept to universities all over Europe
    • We would like to build a more “political” movement raising awareness about Bildung in society at large
    • Ginie Servant shared her experiences from working with Paulo Freire‘s methods in Zimbabwe; we found that this was a path worth exploring in order to give a voice to all parts of our own societies.

We did not discuss The Nordic Secret as such but will be following up on people’s comments before we host the next roundtable in Stockholm in March.

After the roundtable, we had an exquisite dinner at Het Prentenkabinet (six of us stayed for cognacs and embarked on some very, very deep philosophical discussions about the future of Europe and Bildung).

/ Lene & Tomas

PS: We don’t know who the men in the painting are or were or what they are talking about, but there is something moving about continuing a conversation that has been going on and branched out in a multitude of directions in the same place since 1575.

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