Scientific roundtable in Stockholm

The third and (so far) last roundtable about human and societal development was in Stockholm on Tuesday, March 14th.

After the meeting, we enjoyed an exquisit dinner. As the above Rembrantian photo shows, the intellectual gluttony lasted well beyond coffee and dessert.

Earlier, we had gathered at Ekskäret Klustret in their new facilities at Epicenter in Stockholm.

Participating in the exploration of personal and societal development were (from the left): Jos van den Broek (Leiden University), Dick Holmgren (Filosofiska), Myrte Rischen (De Bildung Academie), Jonas Fischerström, Christian Welzel (World Values Survey), Lene Rachel Andersen (organizer, Next Scandinavia), Jan Visser (Learning Development Institute), Kim Törnqvist (Bättre Skolor), Matilda Westerman, Merel van Geel (De Bildung Academie), Thomas Jordan (University of Gothenburg), and Kristina Elfhag–plus Tomas Björkman (organizer, Ekskäret Foundation) who took the picture.

Christian Welzel shared some very interesting facts about human development around the globe and explained how the data of the World Values Survey is collected and studied:

Thomas Jordan explained how ego-development is defined and how it is broken down into some aspects that can be measured and analyzed:


Merel from De Bildung Academie shared how a handful of university students decided to change the Dutch universities – and of that we forgot to take a picture, so here is De Bildung Academie’s Manifesto instead.

Lene Rachel Andersen made a short presentation about how personal development as an individual is connected to the cultural development  of a society. No picture here either, but this topic will be thoroughly explored in The Nordic Secret.

Finally, Matilda Westerman who used to work at the Swedish Ministry of Education told us about education in Sweden:

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