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PART I – Setting the scene

Chapter 1: Are the Nordic countries really that remarkable?

Chapter 2: Personal freedom and responsibility – psychology

PART II – Personal freedom and responsibility – Bildung philosophy

Chapter 3: A very different kind of Europe

Chapter 4: The Bildung prelude

Chapter 5: The German Spring

Chapter 6: Bildung and ego-development

PART III – The Scandinavian Spring – implementing Bildung

Nordic intro

Chapter 7: The Danish Spring

Chapter 8: The Norwegian Spring

Chapter 9: The Swedish Spring

Chapter 10: Summing up the Scandinavian Spring – folk-Bildung 1.0

Chapter 11: The Modern Spring – folk-Bildung 2.0

PART IV – Exploring what we have found

Chapter 12: What happened elsewhere? – Control cases


Chapter 13: Does our thinking hold up?


Chapter 14: Scandinavia today – self-destruction in the making

Chapter 15: What we have discovered writing this book


Part V – Looking forward

Chapter 16: Can the Nordic experience benefit the rest of the world?

Chapter 17: Societal transitions

Chapter 18: Where are we now? – Challenges, obstacles and choices

Chapter 19: What could Bildung and folk-Bildung 3.0 look like?

Chapter 20: Concluding









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