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The World We Create

The world is entering a new technological, social and global age and it is our ability to create meaning which will decide whether we face a bright future or a tragic decline.

We are living in an unsustainable state of cultural tension. Stress and depression are becoming more common, we are destroying our environment and while the rich become richer, inequality has spread both domestically and globally. The world's entire democratic system is strained and the only 'meaningful' story left is our role as consumers. We flee to and are trapped by the gilded illusion of happiness that is dictated to us by consumerism.

In The World We Create, Tomas Björkman takes readers on a journey through history, economics, sociology, developmental psychology and philosophy, to illuminate where we have come from and how we have reached this breaking point. He offers new perspectives on the world we have created and suggests how we can achieve a more meaningful, sustainable world in the future.


Hardcover: 576 pages

Publisher: Perspectiva Press (26 Sept. 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1912892596

ISBN-13: 978-1912892594


The Market Myth

“We have created the market and we can change it. It may not be possible to imagine a world without a market, but it is possible to think of one where the market helps to discourage greed, selfishness, cynicism and exploitation, rather than positively encourages them. Like all social constructs, the market could be different.”

The Market Myth is an empowering treatment of today’s economic system that frees the reader to define, and then develop, new kinds of markets more suited to the world we live in now.

The message of this book is that the market is a tool. Like democracy or other social inventions, it can be adapted so that it can be used for what we want. The market isn’t a creature that lives its own life. Wecreated it and we recreate it every moment, whether we buy a newspaper or medical care. There are many possible free markets, and we can decide what our free market should be like. Much as the rules of the market created in times past have established our current view of the market, we can nowcreate new rules and markets that are more fair, more sustainable, and more ethical while still keepingthe efficiency that characterizes the market of today. The Market Myth challenges the constitutive rules of today’s marketplace, and shows that we can createnew fundamental rules and markets that take us more effectively toward our goals.

Hard cover

168 pages

ISBN-10: 9187935635
ISBN-13: 978-9187935633


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