When we first met

Tomas and I met in Stockholm in November 2011 at a meeting at the Fri Tanke Tankesmedja / Freethinking Think Tank, which is a part of Fri Tanke Förlag / Freethinking Publishing, a publishing company Tomas co-owns with two others.

Our first real meeting was in Spring 2012 in London, when we went out to dinner and ended up talking until 4 o’clock in the morning – the picture above was taken minutes before we went out.

Tomas lives in London and I was there for a Jewish youth conference (not that I am that young, but I was responsible for the youth activities in the Jewish community in Copenhagen at the time).  Later the same summer, I borrowed Tomas’ apartment when I went to London in order to interview Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks. (Article in Danish.)

One of the people and whose work Tomas and I talked about much of that first eventing together, was just Jonathan Sacks, not least his encounters with Richard Dawkins. We are both great Sacks fans and if you don’t know him or his work, his books can be highly recommended! We suggest these two to begin with:

jonathan sacks The-Home-We-Build-Together  jonathan sacks - great partnership



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