the nordic secret

A European Story of Beauty and Freedom

Author Lene Rachel Andersen

Lene researched, developed, and wrote The Nordic Secret. She came to the Nordic secret from the bildung and folk-bildung angle, i.e. the angle of culture, cultural heritage, community, adult education, and the Nordic tradition.

Lene has written 20 books about big history, technological development, complexity, economics, the future, and bildung since 2005. She is the co-founder of the think tank Nordic Bildung, of the Global Bildung Network and Global Bildung Day. Lene is also the creator of the Bildung Rose and she is a member of the Club of Rome.

If you are interested in keynotes and collaboration regarding bildung or in joining the global bildung movement, please reach out to Lene at .

You will find The Nordic Secret here:

Editor of the 1st edition: Tomas Björkman

Tomas co-created and edited the book and came to the Nordic secret from the ego-development and leadership development angle, i.e. the angle of developmental psychology, cognitive science, and entrepreneurship.

Tomas is the founder of Ekskäret Foundation and is a meber of the Club of Rome.