The Nordic Secret

The Nordic countries score high in international surveys. Our book, The Nordic Secret, explores why.

Who are we?

Tomas Björkman & Lene Rachel Andersen - a Swedish financial banker & philanthropist and a Danish futurist & philosopher

The Nordic Secret will be out around June 1st, 2017

We have ping-ponged big ideas since we first met in 2011. The Nordic Secret is our first actual collaboration and we have both enjoyed the struggle tremendously. We have found a European story that nobody has ever told before and at a personal level, we have connected with a German part of our cultural heritage that we barely knew existed.

Lene's new book

Parallel to working on The Nordic Secret, Lene started writing Testosteroned Child. Sad. - Or the dawning of a new Renaissance? two weeks after Trump took office. The script was completed on March 15, 2017, and the book is available on Amazon.

Tomas' new book

Tomas just published The Market Myth, which is based on his years of experience as an investment banker: The market is created by policy makers and we can design a market that is free, open and does not crash or create poverty. - Sounds impossible? Well, read the book...

The Nordic Secret - A European Story with American Input

The Nordic countries did not evolve in a vacuum. People with foresight just combined incoming ideas cleverly. Follow our work, as we dig out what formed us: