Bildungtainment Center 2020

Welcome to the European Bildung Day
Bildungtainment Center 2020

Copied from the original website, which was closed down in May 2022.

We wanted to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration somehow, but simply could not figure out how to squeeze a symphony orchestra and 45 minutes of fireworks into the website. So, instead, we created this page.

The survey and the quiz were open May 8th and May 9th during the European Bildung Day 2020 conference.

Please enjoy!

In Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration

Survey About Ode an die Freude

Whenever I hear or sing Ode an die Freude, I:

  • Have no clue what I am singing
  • I feel very European
  • I think it is really cool that we have a continental anthem about “Götterfunken” — what are they?
  • We need an English version of the lyrics that people can actually sing
  • Nooo! An English translation would be blasphemy against Schiller and Beethoven!
  • Oh, I thought it was the tune by Charpentier that united Europe – my bad!

Meet Jeroen van der Most

Keynote speaker Friday — to see more of his art, go to

The Bildung Song

You will just have to imagine the conference dinner and see if you can sing it by yourself…

Get the lyrics

The Schuman Declaration

Bildung Quiz

The classical Greek word for bildung is?

  • Pandora
  • Pandemia
  • Paideia

Who was the first pedagogue to insist that education must relate to something the children understand?

  • Cornelius
  • Comenius
  • Calorius

Often called ‘the father of modern pedagogy’, but gave his own five children to orphanages because he did not find himself fit as a father

  • Comenius
  • Rousseau
  • Pestalozzi

A Swiss pedagogue who named his son Jean-Jacques after Rousseau

  • Piaget
  • Pestalozzi
  • Helmuth Lotti

In Friedrich Schiller’s Ode an die Freude, an animal appears, which in Schiler’s time was interpreted as symbolizing the third estate of the feudal society; which animal?

  • A worm
  • A donkey
  • A snail

Name a Dutch Renaissance painter:

Name a Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, or Swedish Renaissance painter

Corona Bildung

First there are the calming aesthetics that align us with society and turn us into rational people (Pestalozzi, the Swiss pedagogue, was less politically correct and called it to be domesticated like a pet (Haustier)).

Second, there are the envigorating aesthetics that wake us up and turn us into moral people who can think for ourselves and handle political freedom.

Do you find any of the videos below calming or envigorating?

Corona Aesthetics in English

Chinese Corona Aesthetics

European bildung goodies for which we can take absolutely no credit at all

EU loved by the British

Italian music loved by the Danes

The US loved by the Dutch

EU loved by the British

British Education

One Greek-loving Brit

Same Greek-loving Brit as above

Some Roman-loving Brits

Peace of Westphalia

Don’t mention the war!

Don’t mention the war!

Don’t mention the war!

Funny thing: we probably don’t even have to show you the original clip.

Finnish monsters quoting the Bible

Ukrainians as Martians

Germans as Mongolian war lord

Swedes identifying with French emperor

German Pop Band Supposed to Look American, Unknown Outside Europe, With Strangest Dance Moves Singing About Scharlatan Charming Russian Zar

Strauss Glorifying Austrian General of Czeck Descent in Napoleonic Wars Ending up Ruling in Italy

Colonial bildung to the North

Colonial bildung to the South

Turkish love of an Italian song

Shopping or Chopin?

Beethoven composing modernity

Grieg composing the 1700s

Mozart quoting Goethe

EU facing Corona?